Monday, October 15, 2007

My Sister's Have Inspired Me

Well, it seems like Luke and April are the slacker bloggers in the Wilson/Bradley/Andersen/Graham/Lourcey family. Well not the biggest slackers since Chris and Ashleigh haven't even bothered to start a blog :)

So we have decided to get with the program and start keeping the world better informed on what is going in our lives. So here goes.... the past six months in one blog!!!

Since October in Sweden

Luke, along with the other boys of Since October, spent a week in July in Sweden playing a huge rock festival. It was a very exciting, and tiring, time for the boys as they did several radio interviews and even a televised interview during their stay. The only down fall was that communication was virtually impossible while he was over seas, so I was very thankful to have Luke back in the good ole US of A... even if he was still out on the road for a few more weeks.

Blue Sky - Breckenridge, CO

I, April, have been very busy working on my first condo project. It is located in Breckenridge, CO and is set to be completed December 5th (Thank you LORD!!!). I have taken several trips out to Colorado over the past few months, and I am scheduled to go back November 29th - December 5th. Please pray that all goes smoothly and that this project wraps up on time. I don't want to miss Christmas due to an install.

Baby Graham

No... not Baby Graham as in a baby for Luke and April. Baby Graham as in Graham Edward Driver. Luke's sister Noelle (along with her husband Dale and daughter Alyson) welcomed Graham Edward Driver in to the world on September 21st. Luke and I are very excited about our first nephew and we will be going to visit him for the first time this weekend. So more pictures will definitely follow.

Tooth and Nail

But perhaps the most exciting piece of news in the Graham household is that Since October is in the last few weeks of negotiations on a record deal with Tooth and Nail!!! We are Super Excited about this deal about the wonderful things God has in store for Since October and the Graham's. It has been a long road, but my wonderful husband has been faithful to the calling that God placed on his life. He has trusted God with our entire lives and God has definintely done "immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine." The band will be going back into the studio next week to record 3 additional songs.

Hopefully, now that we are going to be faithful bloggers we will be able to keep you informed on all of Luke's travels, and on the incredible things that God is doing in our lives!!


chrisa4357 said...

Just so you know, we keep up an entire website not just a blog and we do have a blog it just hasn't been unveiled to the whole world yet but since you're family, it's

so there ya go. Good job blogging :)

chrisa4357 said...

That was from Ashleigh not Chris

The Lourceys said...

What the crap?! Ashleigh and Chris have a blog that no one knows about?? Anyway, it's about time you started blogging again.

elizabeth said...

To echo Emily... what the crap?

Who knew, Chris had a blog?????????

So glad to see you added a new post... now if only I knew how you made your pictures have that white border around them...

Luke & April said...

Well it looks like that blog belongs to Chris, Ashleigh hasn't done any writing on there. And that last update was in Sept. Get with the program friend :)

And about the white border on pics... I have no idea. I definitely didn't do that on purpose. But I would love for one of you to fill me in on how to add links to other peoples blogs on your blog.

anna & geoffrey said...

Hey friend,
I love your blog & I'll tell you how to add others!
In your settings, go into "template". There's a spot in there what you can add a page element. Add "Link List". You can name each person's blog what you want to call it (new site name) and put in the link (new site URL). Like you'd put in for ours....
Hope that helps! Missed you at my first day of work today. It wasn't the same :(

Mama said...

Great to hear from you and Lukester, keep us posted,I love reading your precious comments!
Much love, Mama

Anonymous said...

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