Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tampa Residence

Last week I spent countless hours installing a residence here in Tampa. The home came out beautifully and the family seemed to be thrilled. I have included some pics of the residence, including my personal favorite room, the Playroom!! There is always such a sense of accomplishment associated with installing a project because you get to physically see the fruits of your year long labor.

Dining Room Kitchen

Sitting Area Living Room

Living Room

Powder Bath

Guest BedroomPatio Patio

Master Bedroom
Master BedroomPlayroom Playroom

Playroom (I Love the Fort/Daybed in the middle of the room!!)

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend with Shae (Part 2)

This weekend Mom and Cadence came to stay with me at my house. On Saturday while Cadence was taking a nap Mom and I watched the movie "Enchanted" (My new favorite movie!!) Cadence found my pillow and blanket that was on the couch and this is where I found her... bundled up talking on the phone :) When I asked her who she was talking to she of course responded "Emily".... that is who she always says she is talking to.
Here are some more of her Mad Photography Skills!!

And Ashleigh, here is a picture of how I did her hair for church.... It looked SUPER CUTE!!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting Some Vitamin D

Rage has not been feeling to well for the past few days. He has hurt his little body somehow and he yelps when we pick him up or when he jumps. Yesterday I gave him a baby Asprin before we went to Mom & Dad's for Father's Day. He seemed to be doing a lot better. We were outside grilling and I couldn't find him. I called and called but he never came. This is where I found him... Sun bathing on the back side of the house, by himself!! I guess he has a Vitamin D deficiency and needed to replenish :)

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Weekend With Shae

Here are some pics from our first weekend with Cadence. She is such a sweet girl and has finally learned my name!! She has finally figured out that I am not Emily or Luke... I am "Appa You". Not to be confused with "Apple Juice".

Cadence, "Lillie" and Kagan watching Mrs. Pattycake.
Playing with Kagan's kitchen.
She's SOOO Sweet!!
Climbing...The best way to swing.
She fell out head first right after I took this picture... HAHA.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

25 & 125

This Wednesday Luke and I have a lot of things to celebrate... I thought I would share them with you guys :)
Since October's single "Disaster" has moved up another two spots on the Christian Rock Charts to #25!!! Woohoo. We are hoping to watch this song climb all the way to #1!!

I have yet to post anything about my newest adventure for fear of sounding slightly vain. However, this morning when I stepped onto the scale I decided it was time to share :)

For the past 9-1/2 weeks I have been dilligently counting my calories and logging everything I eat on I have tried to stay under 1200 calories a day and I try to exercise 3 times a week. This morning when I stepped onto the scale I was pleased to see that my weight is down to 125!! I have lost 14lbs in 9-1/2 weeks. I still want to lose an additional 5lbs and be under my wedding weight, so I am not finished yet!! I know that it will take me between 5-10 weeks to lose that additional 5lbs (I am currently losing about 1lb every 10 days) but I am more than happy to stick it out. Counting calories is way easier than I thought it would be, and I can still enjoy a sweet treat if I want one :)

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

In Stores Now!!!...

It is very surreal to find Since October's new album in places that we visit everyday. Today after church Luke and I went to the Christian Bookstore and what did we find...

The new album... Right in the middle of the Contemporary Christian section, one shelf above Michael W. Smith's albums!! (Luke was not very happy about it being in this section!! However, we both know that it will get more exposure in this section so he really wasn't too upset :)

It is also in FYE's nation-wide, including the FYE at our local mall, which has a huge display right by the register. All FYE's in Florida are giving SO's album premier shelf space because they did their c.d. release party there.

Tuesday night when we got home from the release Luke had an email from one of his "People" at Tooth and Nail telling him to check out the Christian page on Itunes. Here is a pic of what we found...

And the close up... SO's album was being featured on the homepage of Itunes... under the New Release (Christian) section.

I was also pleased to find the album on one of my personal favorite websites...!! (Link below)

SO has also been featured on the homepage of Purevolume for several days, and yesterday their purevolume site had over 8,000 hits!! It was #2 in the world...second only to "Underoath" for hits on purevolume!!

It is so Amazing that God would use a group of people from a small town in central Florida to reach the world (literally) for Him. Luke and I definitely feel honored to be a part of this endeavor!

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CD Release

Tuesday May 27th Since October released their new Album "This Is My Heart" nationally. To celebrate they did a 5 song acoustic set and CD signing at the FYE in our local mall. The release was a HUGE success and tons of our friends and family showed up to celebrate this long awaited day in our lives.

Luke and April

April and Mom

The Band and Jason (our children's pastor)
April and Jenn

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