Friday, April 25, 2008

HM Magazine

(The Current Cover of HM magazine... POD)

During GMA week Since October was doing an interview with a writer from HM magazine. He handed the boys a couple of copies and they unknowingly opened it to find their album advertised on the inside of the front cover. What a wonderful surprise!! Next month HM is going to be doing a feature story on Since October (possibly the cover!!) We will keep you posted.

( Inside of the Front Cover... SO's new album cover is the bottom half of the page.)

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Savannah!!

Today is our niece, Savannah Jo Cooley's, 2nd Birthday. While we were in Nashville we got the opportunity to celebrate Savannah's 2nd Birthday with her with an Elmo Party. It is hard to believe that Savy is already 2!!! She is such a sweet little girl who melts my heart when she says "I wuz oo April." She is SUPER smart as well... she knows all of her shapes (even trapezoid and octagon) and all of her colors!! I am so happy that I got to spend 5 days with this sweet, crazy, smart, funny little girl!

(Luke and I got her the Mr. Potato Head that she is playing with in some of the pics. Family - doesn't the pic of her with the Potato Head glasses on remind you of a similiar picture of ME...)

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tennessee, 2nd Birthdays, and GMA's

Tonight I am flying to Tennessee to meet up with Luke. We are going to be staying at Heidi and Jeff's because Luke has to be in N'ville for GMA week. I am super excited about seeing Luke, and little Savannah. Savannah's 2nd birthday is on 4/25, so we are going to have a birthday party for Savannah on Saturday night. I do not get to see Savannah very much, so I am so excited about spending a few days with her.

Luke will have a busy week doing radio interviews and on Tuesday night he is playing Rocketown. I will try and blog daily to keep everyone up to date on how GMA week is going.

Wednesday we are driving home, and Luke is going to be home for a few weeks... HOORAY!! It will be a nice break, as he has been traveling full time since January 31st!!!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Since October Video Shoot

Today Since October shot their first music video in Pittsburgh, PA. The day started early, at 8:00am with hair and makeup, followed by group shots, individual shots, then the taping of the acting. Luke had a great time shooting the video!! For those of you who know Luke well, you know that he loves movies, behind the scenes footage, and drama ALMOST as much as he loves Music!

We will keep you posted as to where and when you can see the final video.

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Technology... It's a Beautiful Thing!!

So yesterday afternoon my mom, three sisters and I all sat around and talked for about an hour... not an easy feat when we were literally in 3 different states. Technology is really amazing when you sit back and think about it!! Yes it does have its downfalls, but for the most part I must say that technology has had a very positive impact... particularly in my life. With a husband who travels 80% of the time and 3 sisters who decided to move out of state, technology allows me to maintain a very strong relationship with both my husband and my sisters.

Luke is no more than a phone call, text message, email, or picture text away... whether he is in Wauchula or Sweden. God has called him to a ministery that causes us to spend a lot of time apart. But PDAs, Iphones, and computers keep us connected and sharing in the little details of each others lives.

Last night while mom, my sisters, and I were talking on Skype, Cadence heard Shautzie squeaking a toy through the computer mic... it made me realize that even with a sister who is moving to Prague and a sister who is moving to Eastern Europe we will still be able to stay connected, and even hear the background noise of each other's lives (such as screaming kids and squeaking dogs.)
Later in the evening Ashleigh called Mom and I and told us that Cadence wanted to tell Grammie good night... on the mic!! We logged on to Skype and got to see Cadence climbing in and out of the computer chair in her red feety pajamas. We got to talk to our sweet little baby who lives just a mere 10 hours away and tell her goodnight.

I hate being away from my husband and sisters, but modern technology has definitely made life a lot more bearable and has allowed my very close family to stay as close, and bonded together, as we ever were.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

"Pollying" on the Beach

Luke does not have any part in endorsing or condoning this particular post... in fact, he is probably going to be pretty upset that I am posting about such a taboo issue in the Graham house.
Now that all disclaimers are out of the way, let's get on with the "polly" post.

A few weekends ago Ashleigh, Mom, Aunt Connie, Cadence and I went to the beach to watch the sunset. For those of you who know Cadence you know that she drinks A LOT. I'm talking 60 oz or more a day!!! Which leads to her having very full diapers and leaks on occasion. On this particular day I got her out of the car when we got to the beach and checked her diaper, it was completely empty. We proceeded to the beach where we sat and played for about an hour, maybe and hour and a half. We decided to go for a walk and Mom noticed that Cadence was walking weird (pretty wide legged). She checked her diaper and it was SOAKED! Full to the Max! So Mom (in all her grammie wisdom) decided to take Cadence's diaper off and just put her bloomers back on. She didn't want her to have to finish the walk with a full diaper. Ashleigh and I both said that she was going to pee on the beach... and what do you know... it happened :)

Walking happily down the beach.

Stopping to "Polly"

Getting a better look...

An even BETTER look...

So proud of herself!!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pimp My Page

My good friend Anna Brook totally pimped mine and Luke's blog... Thanks Brook!!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Art

For my 25th Birthday I decided to buy a few pieces of custom art for my house. One of the designers at our office has a very talented teenage son who painted these two paintings. Thanks everyone who gave me money for my birthday (Con & Dan, Gran & Pop, Em & Rob)... this is what I bought with my "birthday money".

Sunday, April 6, 2008


My 25th Birthday was a day filled with some of my FAVORITE things...
Pancake Breakfast on the beach with Mom...
Manicure and Pedicure with Mom
Watching August Rush (My new favorite movie... sisters you have got to see this one!!)

Babysitting Baby Ryan (I know... only April would babysit on her 25th birthday)

Ice Cream Cake and Subs from Publix!

A new necklace and fun socks from my boss...

New Running Shoes from Mom & Dad
A new Vera Bag from Mom and Dad

And to finish the day... an Elsa Peretti "A" necklace from Luke!!! In a Teal Box!!

Thanks Everyone for Making My 25th Birthday so Special!!!
(I will post pics of the new artwork that I bought with my bday money as soon as LG hangs it.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This past weekend Mom, Dad, Gran, Pop, Ashleigh, Cadence, and I went to Jamie Tish's (well Osbourn now) wedding. The wedding was Beautiful, but Cadence stole the show with her Adorable Easter Dress, Big Bow (courtesy of Aunt April), Spunky Personality, and Amazingly Curly Hair.

Top Pre-Order!!!

More exciting Since October news today... "This is My Heart" (SO's new album) is a Top Pre-Order album on Woohoo!!! And Since October played House of Blues in Dallas, TX last night. Things are really taking off fast and we are so excited to see what God has on the horizon. To view their album on MusicChristian click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom where it says "Top Pre-Orders"
As of 4/8/08 Since October "This is My Heart" has moved from #8 to #4 on the preorder list!! WOO HOO!!!