Monday, December 29, 2008

Disney Vacation 2008

This year in the "Graham" family we decided to forgo exchanging gifts among the adults (of course the babies got gifts) and instead do a Disney vacation together. So Friday we checked in to our timeshare in Orlando for a weekend of Disney fun.
When we got to Orlando the babies opened their gifts from Luke and I. We got Aly and Savy beach towels with their monogram on them and I made them Minnie Mouse hair bows!!

Savannah modeling her towel and bows.

Graham... poor guy! His mommy made him wear the bow that was on his gift :)

Rub-a-dub-dub sweet babies in the BIG tub!!

Alyson and Savannah... so Sweet!!

We all took a trip to Downtown Disney on Saturday night.

While we were at Downtown Disney we stopped in at the Virgin Records store, and guess what we found??

Since October CD, front and center in the Rock section. This has definitely been the most exciting place to find the SO CD!!

On the way back to the car Uncle Luke took over pushing Graham's stroller. Look how sweet those little faces are!!

Graham loves his Uncle Luke!! And his Jaw breaker sucker :)
After our trip to Downtown Disney we took the babies and May-May back to the hotel and the Big Kids headed out for a Graham Couple date night!! The first one... EVER!! We had a blast spending time together. We are so lucky to have such wonderful siblings on both sides of our family!

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Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Day was super low key this year. Luke and I were able to sleep in and enjoy some time at home together that morning, instead of having to wake up at the crack of dawn to be somewhere by 8:00am!!
Rage on Christmas morning... He's so CUTE!!
Shae Shae got a Snow White dress, Snow White doll, Snow White shoes, Snow White crown, and Snow White wand... the darket Snow White in the world :)
Making Rage sit for his Christmas Treat bag.
Hugging Rage!
This is mom's gift from Liz and Shan. Before Liz left she wrapped all of our Christmas gifts and included a little personalized note!! She is the BEST!!
Em and Rob got a Vera baby bag filled with items for Baby Lourcey.
I got a Skype camera so I can see Liz & Shan when we talk with them :)
Luke and I also got tons of new white towels from Mom and Dad and some of them were monogrammed. I was so happy and surprised when I opened the box that Luke actually said "Are you going to cry?!?!" I could have!! I was so grateful and happy.

I think Dad was pretty excited about his gift from Mom. It was a new flat panel TV!!
If you look closely in the back of this picture you can see the little gift that Dad bought for himself a week before Christmas. Look at that enormous TV... 47". Although the TV that Dad bought himself was huge and nice, it was WAY to big to fit in Mom and Dad's entertainment center. So their measurement issue has worked to mine and Luke's advantage. That monster TV is coming to live at our house!! Dad is dropping it off tomorrow :)
Christmas Day was AWESOME!! Low key, hanging out with family, Skyping with Liz and Shan, and sleeping in!! We could not have asked for a better day!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve at Gran & Pop's is seriously one of my favorite days of the year! It brings back memories of childhood and for a few hours the world seems simple again.
I LOVE my stocking so much!! My Great Granny Turner made it for me a very long time ago and I must say it is one of my most treasured earthly possesions.
Now that Liz and Shan live overseas this is a pretty common scene of all of our family gatherings. We love and miss Liz and Shan so much!!
Even though the following pictures seem very random, I love them because they included 25 of the people whom I love the most in this world. (Liz I knew you would appreciate these pics :)

Pop sporting his new Christmas hat and Apron!! Pop is one of the best "meat" chefs I know!!
Little Sister Em & I
Cousin Amber and I
Hub and I
The Great Grans... Aren't they Cute!!
Every year Kagan and Cadence make a gift for everyone. Here is the magnet for 2008!
The boys got lighters in their stockings. Here are our boys playing with their fire... and serenading us with a Christmas Carol. It is so nice that our boys are all so similiar and get along so well!
Luke and I are off to Mom & Dad's tomorrow to celebrate again, and we will be heading to Disney on Friday to spend the weekend with Luke's family.
From our family to yours... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cadence's Day with Gigi

Today Cadence spent the day in Wauchula with Gigi. I (April) had meetings this morning, and lot of errands to run for work, so it was just easier to have Mom keep Cadence so that I did not have to take her in and out of the car 500 times. I don't really know what they did today, but from what I have gathered they had breakfast with Mrs. Priscilla, visited Aunt Connie, took a 2 hour nap, and somewhere in there a spanking occured.. Uhoh.
Anyways, Mom had a hair appt tonight so they came over to Bradenton late in the afternoon.
Here is Cadence enjoying her candy from the girls at Infinity.
During Mom's haircut she talked to Cadence about how Mrs. Carrie was going to wash and cut Cadence's hair when she was finished with Gigi's. I had run to Tampa, so I picked up some new hair products for Cadence from Sephora. When it was Cadence's turn to have her hair washed she was less than thrilled.
The bawling continued into the chair (thankfully we were the only people left in the shop, or this could have been REALLY embarassing :)
That is until Shautzie entered the picture. Mom went out to the car to get Shautzie and as soon as she brought her in all crying ceased.
Look how big and cute she is!!!

The finished product! Look at those CURLS!!! They are gorgeous! It was amazing how her curls would spring up as soon as Carrie cut all the dead ends off.

Carrie saved some of Cadence's curls and gave her a little "First Haircut" certificate!! So cute!
Cadence was very proud of her new haircut!! Her quote for the day comes from dinner when she randomly looked over at Mom and said "Gigi... I so cute!!" And humble Abbalou added :)

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