Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Week With Cadence - Day 3

Day 3 with Cadence started off AWESOME!! That is due to the fact that the day did not start until 8:20! Cadence slept 12 solid hours last night, from 8pm - 8am!! And as an added bonus when she woke up she was completely dry! She had not pottied in her night time diaper all night!
Cadence helped me make breakfast this morning. We made pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon.
Cadence went a little overboard with stirring the dry ingredients :)
We headed out this morning to run errands and stopped by the hospital to visit my friend Christina. She and I work together and she had a precious little girl, London, last night.
Cadence enjoyed seeing the baby, but she would not say a word to Christina and her husband Jonathon. We were shocked at her silence, since she talks non stop :)

After our visit at the hospital we headed to the mall to have lunch and do some Christmas shopping. Cadence wanted to ride this mini carousel in the food court, so Uncle Luke headed to the car to get some quarters. Cadence was so excited about riding this carousel, but was not so happy once it started. As she was going around I asked her if she was having fun and she shook her head "No"!!
When we were in JCPenney Cadence decided to hide from Uncle Luke in the middle of these tables. When Luke tried to pull her out she started screaming so Abbalou intervened. It was then that she informed me that she had poopooed and peepeed in her panties.

So off we went to find a restroom.

Besides the pottying incident I would say today has been a complete success.
Cadence Quote of the Day: "Awww... Poor Rage."
This is what Cadence has said every night at dinner when Rage gets in trouble for begging.

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chrisa4357 said...

I would like to send major props to Luke for the excellent pictures, as well as dealing with my girl's sudden incontinence. Chris

chrisa4357 said...

I am laughing out loud about this. Her face in the pictures cracks me up! That face when she spilled the pancake stuff, I see that one alot :) Sorry Luke had to go to the car for quarters for her to not enjoy the ride. and the poop thing........welcome to my world. I'm sorry maybe one day she'll use a toilet. In the meantime, it makes me laugh. Thanks for the updates.


Elizabeth said...

Poor Rage... I can just hear her say it. YEA for Baby London. I was just wondering the other day if she had been born yet. She looks so tiny in that picture. Your restroom picture cracked me up. :) Glad to know you're always up for fun!

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