Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Week With Cadence - Day 4

Today we had another fun filled day with Tyson. This morning on our way to the library we stopped at Publix to pick up food coloring for our afternoon craft. Cadence and Tyson enjoyed riding in the "car" cart. I don't know who invented these things, but they are a GENIUS!! How do people shop with multiple children without this thing?? It is pretty heavy and cumbersome, but totally worth the peace and quiet that you are allowed to have when shopping. Who knew a steering wheel could be so interesting to babies?!?!

This afternoon I allowed Cadence to stay up and watch a movie for an hour after Tyson went to bed. Tyson is a great sleeper and generally sleeps 3 hours!! Cadence's naps are about half that, so I kept her up to even out the naptimes. This however did not work, and she still woke up about an hour before he did. Well, at least I tried.

After Tyson and Cadence woke up from their naps we had a quick snack and then started on our afternoon Christmas activity.

I read on someone's blog (can't remember who's blog, as I was blog surfing) about this fun Christmas activity to paint upside down ice cream cones with Green icing and they decorate them with candy and sprinkles. The babies LOVED this activity!! However, they soon figured out that the icing was edible and they spent a good majority of the time shoveling icing in by the plastic knife fulls :)

All is quiet here at the Graham house as Cadence has gone to Gigi's for the night. I sure love that little girl, but I understand now what Ashleigh means when she says she can't get anything done. My work was piling up on me, so I had to take a day to get caught up.
More of "Our week with Cadence" to come on Friday. Please be in prayer for us now in regards to Friday, as I have an event at church that I have to work and Mom nor Luke will be here to help me with Cadence... YIKES!!

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chrisa4357 said...

Good job letting them ride in the big cart. I know Cadence loved it because she always wants to at home and I tell her no because I know that soon enough I will be pushing that big thing around.

You'll do great at your movie night. Just make sure she naps and that her bag is full of snacks, a movie, and plenty of juice and she'll be fine.

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