Monday, December 29, 2008

Disney Vacation 2008

This year in the "Graham" family we decided to forgo exchanging gifts among the adults (of course the babies got gifts) and instead do a Disney vacation together. So Friday we checked in to our timeshare in Orlando for a weekend of Disney fun.
When we got to Orlando the babies opened their gifts from Luke and I. We got Aly and Savy beach towels with their monogram on them and I made them Minnie Mouse hair bows!!

Savannah modeling her towel and bows.

Graham... poor guy! His mommy made him wear the bow that was on his gift :)

Rub-a-dub-dub sweet babies in the BIG tub!!

Alyson and Savannah... so Sweet!!

We all took a trip to Downtown Disney on Saturday night.

While we were at Downtown Disney we stopped in at the Virgin Records store, and guess what we found??

Since October CD, front and center in the Rock section. This has definitely been the most exciting place to find the SO CD!!

On the way back to the car Uncle Luke took over pushing Graham's stroller. Look how sweet those little faces are!!

Graham loves his Uncle Luke!! And his Jaw breaker sucker :)
After our trip to Downtown Disney we took the babies and May-May back to the hotel and the Big Kids headed out for a Graham Couple date night!! The first one... EVER!! We had a blast spending time together. We are so lucky to have such wonderful siblings on both sides of our family!

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anna and geoffrey said...

April- that is awesome!! I am so excited for you and for S.O.!!

Hope to see you soon~

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