Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Day was super low key this year. Luke and I were able to sleep in and enjoy some time at home together that morning, instead of having to wake up at the crack of dawn to be somewhere by 8:00am!!
Rage on Christmas morning... He's so CUTE!!
Shae Shae got a Snow White dress, Snow White doll, Snow White shoes, Snow White crown, and Snow White wand... the darket Snow White in the world :)
Making Rage sit for his Christmas Treat bag.
Hugging Rage!
This is mom's gift from Liz and Shan. Before Liz left she wrapped all of our Christmas gifts and included a little personalized note!! She is the BEST!!
Em and Rob got a Vera baby bag filled with items for Baby Lourcey.
I got a Skype camera so I can see Liz & Shan when we talk with them :)
Luke and I also got tons of new white towels from Mom and Dad and some of them were monogrammed. I was so happy and surprised when I opened the box that Luke actually said "Are you going to cry?!?!" I could have!! I was so grateful and happy.

I think Dad was pretty excited about his gift from Mom. It was a new flat panel TV!!
If you look closely in the back of this picture you can see the little gift that Dad bought for himself a week before Christmas. Look at that enormous TV... 47". Although the TV that Dad bought himself was huge and nice, it was WAY to big to fit in Mom and Dad's entertainment center. So their measurement issue has worked to mine and Luke's advantage. That monster TV is coming to live at our house!! Dad is dropping it off tomorrow :)
Christmas Day was AWESOME!! Low key, hanging out with family, Skyping with Liz and Shan, and sleeping in!! We could not have asked for a better day!

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relying on God said...

Sounds nice. Merry Christmas from the Wilson's up north!

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Brad Lee said...

Yay for webcams (and LCD TV's)! Thanks for the pictures for us non-North American Christmasers.

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