Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cadence's Day with Gigi

Today Cadence spent the day in Wauchula with Gigi. I (April) had meetings this morning, and lot of errands to run for work, so it was just easier to have Mom keep Cadence so that I did not have to take her in and out of the car 500 times. I don't really know what they did today, but from what I have gathered they had breakfast with Mrs. Priscilla, visited Aunt Connie, took a 2 hour nap, and somewhere in there a spanking occured.. Uhoh.
Anyways, Mom had a hair appt tonight so they came over to Bradenton late in the afternoon.
Here is Cadence enjoying her candy from the girls at Infinity.
During Mom's haircut she talked to Cadence about how Mrs. Carrie was going to wash and cut Cadence's hair when she was finished with Gigi's. I had run to Tampa, so I picked up some new hair products for Cadence from Sephora. When it was Cadence's turn to have her hair washed she was less than thrilled.
The bawling continued into the chair (thankfully we were the only people left in the shop, or this could have been REALLY embarassing :)
That is until Shautzie entered the picture. Mom went out to the car to get Shautzie and as soon as she brought her in all crying ceased.
Look how big and cute she is!!!

The finished product! Look at those CURLS!!! They are gorgeous! It was amazing how her curls would spring up as soon as Carrie cut all the dead ends off.

Carrie saved some of Cadence's curls and gave her a little "First Haircut" certificate!! So cute!
Cadence was very proud of her new haircut!! Her quote for the day comes from dinner when she randomly looked over at Mom and said "Gigi... I so cute!!" And humble Abbalou added :)

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Elizabeth said...

Poor Schatzie... she looks so worried in these pics, but I'm glad she helped the crying. :) Shae's curls are so pretty... it's crazy to look at pictures from last Christmas and see how much LESS hair she had. Makes me wonder what a year from now will be like...

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