Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Week With Cadence - Day 1

Day 1 of our week with Cadence has come to a close and man has it been a Fun day!!! I met Mom after church to pick up Cadence, and we headed home to see Uncle Luke and Rage. After a 3 hour nap (woohoo) Luke, Cadence, and I headed to Walmart to buy some food to for this little girl!!!

After dinner I put Cadence into the tub and came back into the Great Room to find this...

Rage was on top of our dining table!! He has never in his entire 4 years of life gotten on top of our dining table. He was getting up there to lick up Cadence's crumbs from dinner.

As Luke and I were laughing over the fact that Rage was on top of the table Luke commented that "this is the kind of chaos that happens when you have a child." Well the chaos did not stop there. As we were laughing Cadence called from the tub... "Abbalou".

And this is what I went into the bathroom to find....

(I can not belive that I am about to post a picture of poo on my blog, but it was way to funny to not post.)

That's right friend... poo... in my tub!! Once again we were rolling!!

While I cleaned up the poo I asked Luke to watch a movie with Cadence before bed.

In keeping with our Christmas Theme for the week they chose...

Rudolph the Rednosed Reinder!

I have been wanting to get Cadence the "little people" nativity for a year now, but since it was $40 we opted for the $10 Walmart version instead.

Our Emmanuel... God With Us... all over the living room floor :)

We have had a blast today with Cadence (in spite of the poo incident). She is a super funny kid who kept us in stitches over all the silly things she said...

Cadence quote of the day:

"I like my Gigi's hair... that yellow hair."

I must say I agree. Gigi does have very pretty "yellow" hair.

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Anonymous said...

AH, poo in the tub...I hate poo in the tub. Maybe more than I hate vomit in a crib. Maybe.

chrisa4357 said...

I'm laughing out loud!! She has NEVER pooped in our tub. I am so sorry....kinda :) I'm glad you're having fun with our girl. Thanks for the update

The Lourceys said...

Well, at least she went, right? When she was at my house I had to literally pull it out of her. No pictures of that. I'm glad you're having a fun time and I think it's hilarious that Rage was on the table! I think Luke's right, you're going to have fun posting pics of all the crazy things he does when you have a kid.

Christa said...

Rage sitting properly on the table and the fact he didn't scurry to get off when you came in the room made me laugh outloud. The poo in the tub looks like a pickle! hah that is great!!

Elizabeth said...

Seriously... I love blogs. This has been a MOST cathartic post. Your nativity is SUPER cute! And the poo in the tub reminds me of another poo incident about 25 years ago. :) As for your dog, I'm with Christa... in shock that he's still sitting there letting you take his picture. Rage is either not very smart or he realizes that he's the boss. :)

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