Sunday, January 4, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Last Sunday we headed to Disney with Luke's family for 15 hours of Disney Fun. Although it was super crowded and difficult to navigate 9 adults, and 3 babies (all in strollers) around Magic Kingdom we had a blast! It was Savannah, Alyson, and Graham's first trip to Disney, and we all enjoyed their reactions to the rides and characters. I must admit that Aly's reaction to seeing the castle and Mickey for the first time brought May-May and Aunt April to tears :)

(You can click on the collage to enlarge it.)

Jeff made a video of our day. You can view it here...

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The Lourceys said...

We can't see the video because we're not friends with Jeff. You need to paste it into the blog. I can't wait to see it though, I already love the picture of Savannah on the ground.

Luke & April said...

I will email jeff and see if he will send me the video.

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