Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guess who's Birthday it is??

Well it was actually 2 days ago, but our little Rage is now 4 years old!!! It's hard to believe it has been 4 years since we picked that time 1lb puppy out of the kiddie pool at our breeders in Mulberry! Time flies when you are having Fun, and man have we had Fun with Rage over the past 4 years!! Rage has truly been a Godsend, as he has been my little companion while Luke has been on the road. We love our precious puppy (or Momma's Dog Dog, or Rae Rae, or Rage E Roo, or Grandmama's Puppy as he is often called!!)
Happy 4th Birthday RAGE!!!

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chrisa4357 said...

Happy Birthday Rage!! I think you're very nice to post about your dog :) I don't even know when Slang's b-day is. You're a much better dog-owner than me

The Lourceys said...

Good gracious he's getting old. I would never have guessed 4 years!

Cappuccino Choate said...

I can remember going to your birthday party. I had so much fun and got lots of treats! Your momma is much better than my momma, she never celebrates my birthday. I just get some annoying kids who pester me. Can I come live with you?? Happy Birthday Rage!!!!