Friday, January 23, 2009

You know you are an adult when...

You have 4 chairs at your dining table!!!

As many of you know Luke and I have been living with 2 dining chairs for about 2 years. We have put off buying 2 more chairs due to the cost, and the fact that we really didn't need 2 more right now, since their are only 2 people in our family.

Last week I was flipping through the latest West Elm catalog and I realized that my dining chairs were not in there. I quickly got on the phone with West Elm and they informed me that they had been discontinued... WHAT!! I was panicked! What was I going to do with just 2 dining chairs? We could not even have one other couple over for dinner without having to pull out the piano bench.

I asked the WE girl if any of the stores had any. We were going to Orlando, so I thought I might be able to pick up 2 chairs there. Unfortunately the Orlando store only had 1 :( But a store in NJ had 2!! So I quickly got on the phone to see if they were still available if they could ship them to me.

The NJ store still had 2 and I was stoked!! To make things even better the chairs were on sale... 50% off!!! I was scared that shipping was going to be outrageous, but when she rang them up she informed me that we got another $20 because we bought 2!! That basically off set the cost of the shipping! Needless to say I was stoked when they arrived on our doorstep yesterday!

Now we are ready for a dinner party!! After 1/31 of course :)

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The Lourceys said...

YAY for new cheap chairs!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for new chairs! And double yay for 50% off chairs!

And I just noticed that Em said yay too! Oh well..

chrisa4357 said...

boo, my first thought was "yay for chairs!" well i guess great minds think alike :)

Brad Lee said...

Congrachairlations! shoulda thought a that one.