Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hunsader Farms

This morning Tyson and I met Lizzy and Finley at Hunsader Farms. We had a blast petting the animals, playing on the playround, and exploring the Vegetable/Fruit Market.

Tyson loved all of the animals. He would walk up to each one of them, wave, and say "Hi". It was precious!

A Big Pig

Finley looking at the Bunnies.

Llama :)

The Devil Bird Returns!!! Lizzy informed me that these are Emus.

Tyson petting the donkey.

Although Tyson liked everything at Hunsaders, he had a certain fascination with the Hand Sanitizer dispenser that was at his level. I must say I was very grateful for the fact that he wanted to clean his hands after touching these animals :)

Playing in the sand box. Tyson and Finley made two new friends at Hunsaders. These two boys were twins and they were the exact same age as Finley (Tyson is 2 months older than all of them).

Tyson enjoyed sitting in this big truck :) He has one almost exactly like it at home.

Look what a Big Boy he is!! He is becoming super good at navigating playground equipment.

1-2-3- WEEEE!!!

Tyson ended up with a squeeky swing, and he kept looking up to see what the noise was :)

Finley found the tire swing!
But quickly decided this wasn't the ride for her :)

A wagon ride with "the twins" suited her better!

While browsing through the fruit stand we met this little black kitty! He was super cute!!

What a great morning we had with friends, enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Florida weather!!

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The Lourceys said...

This is so fun! I sure miss Hunsader Farms.

chrisa4357 said...

I can't believe that those birds live in FL too! I was going thru pictures today to scrapbook and got another telling of the "birdies" I should video it and post it again 9 months later :) Either way, Hunsaders looks like it was lots of fun today

Mike Tullio said...

Great pics and comments April. We are so grateful to have someone like you in Tyson's life. He truly is getting to do it all. Love the hand sanitizing skills too. Look forward to more posts in the days ahead!