Monday, April 14, 2008

Technology... It's a Beautiful Thing!!

So yesterday afternoon my mom, three sisters and I all sat around and talked for about an hour... not an easy feat when we were literally in 3 different states. Technology is really amazing when you sit back and think about it!! Yes it does have its downfalls, but for the most part I must say that technology has had a very positive impact... particularly in my life. With a husband who travels 80% of the time and 3 sisters who decided to move out of state, technology allows me to maintain a very strong relationship with both my husband and my sisters.

Luke is no more than a phone call, text message, email, or picture text away... whether he is in Wauchula or Sweden. God has called him to a ministery that causes us to spend a lot of time apart. But PDAs, Iphones, and computers keep us connected and sharing in the little details of each others lives.

Last night while mom, my sisters, and I were talking on Skype, Cadence heard Shautzie squeaking a toy through the computer mic... it made me realize that even with a sister who is moving to Prague and a sister who is moving to Eastern Europe we will still be able to stay connected, and even hear the background noise of each other's lives (such as screaming kids and squeaking dogs.)
Later in the evening Ashleigh called Mom and I and told us that Cadence wanted to tell Grammie good night... on the mic!! We logged on to Skype and got to see Cadence climbing in and out of the computer chair in her red feety pajamas. We got to talk to our sweet little baby who lives just a mere 10 hours away and tell her goodnight.

I hate being away from my husband and sisters, but modern technology has definitely made life a lot more bearable and has allowed my very close family to stay as close, and bonded together, as we ever were.

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The Agarwals said...

I agree! I love all the cool techy things that keep us in touch! (And the fact that my hubby is so tech savvy!) Isn't it crazy that when Rahul was in India, he could still get my texts?! It's kept us really close to some awesome friends we made in college too, who are now overseas as well. It is a Beautiful thing for sure!! I know you'll appreciate it more and more in the years to come, as the Wilson sister's spread out across the world to spread the Good News!

Elizabeth said...

I told the girls from work yesterday that for the first few minutes of our call all I could do was smile! It was so amazing to be able to hear everyone's laugh, to be able to know that I was "as close as I could get" to all of you... all at once. I agree, I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing each of us live life through the screen and the mic no matter how far away we are... though I wouldn't mind a surprise birthday visit to the CR either! :)