Friday, April 18, 2008

Tennessee, 2nd Birthdays, and GMA's

Tonight I am flying to Tennessee to meet up with Luke. We are going to be staying at Heidi and Jeff's because Luke has to be in N'ville for GMA week. I am super excited about seeing Luke, and little Savannah. Savannah's 2nd birthday is on 4/25, so we are going to have a birthday party for Savannah on Saturday night. I do not get to see Savannah very much, so I am so excited about spending a few days with her.

Luke will have a busy week doing radio interviews and on Tuesday night he is playing Rocketown. I will try and blog daily to keep everyone up to date on how GMA week is going.

Wednesday we are driving home, and Luke is going to be home for a few weeks... HOORAY!! It will be a nice break, as he has been traveling full time since January 31st!!!

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TV de LCD said...
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Brad Lee said...

Welcome home (almost) Luke! I'm sure you'll be appreciated!

(I tink ju got some espanyo spam above, magn!)