Wednesday, June 4, 2008

25 & 125

This Wednesday Luke and I have a lot of things to celebrate... I thought I would share them with you guys :)
Since October's single "Disaster" has moved up another two spots on the Christian Rock Charts to #25!!! Woohoo. We are hoping to watch this song climb all the way to #1!!

I have yet to post anything about my newest adventure for fear of sounding slightly vain. However, this morning when I stepped onto the scale I decided it was time to share :)

For the past 9-1/2 weeks I have been dilligently counting my calories and logging everything I eat on I have tried to stay under 1200 calories a day and I try to exercise 3 times a week. This morning when I stepped onto the scale I was pleased to see that my weight is down to 125!! I have lost 14lbs in 9-1/2 weeks. I still want to lose an additional 5lbs and be under my wedding weight, so I am not finished yet!! I know that it will take me between 5-10 weeks to lose that additional 5lbs (I am currently losing about 1lb every 10 days) but I am more than happy to stick it out. Counting calories is way easier than I thought it would be, and I can still enjoy a sweet treat if I want one :)

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anna & geoffrey said...

Girl, that is great!

I am so excited for you and Luke!

Hope to see you soon :)

The Lourceys said...

I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm just jealous. And just when I will be able to join you in the fitness fun, you will have joined my previous group of babyhood.

Christa said...

Oh April Lou I am soooo happy for you!!! That is awesome! Congrats, you deserve it!!! A big kudos to you for exercising three days a week, I can't even get up to one day a week. I am very proud of you.

relying on God said...

you go! that's awesome. for both of you.