Sunday, June 1, 2008

Darcy & Amelia

My very good friend Jenn has two precious little girls Darcy (4) and Amelia (1). The girls both love me, but unfortunately Darcy is not very fond of Mr. Luke. It isn't that she dislikes him, she is just a little scared of him. So in preparation for the CD release party her parents were prepping her for seeing Mr. Luke by saying things like... "Mr. Luke has a different type of job than daddy" "Daddy wears a suit to his job and Mr. Luke wears jeans and has long hair for his job." The prepping was seeming to work and she was getting pretty excited about the party. Darcy even said "Hi" to Mr. Luke at church the Sunday before (although she wouldn't even LOOK at the other band members :) But it was Amelia who really surprised all of us... At church the Sunday before the party Amelia laughed at Ben (lead singer of SO) and reached for him!! We were all amazed! At the CD release party Darcy was a little too overwhelmed by the entire situation to pose for a picture with the boys, but Amelia did it!! Here are some pics of these super cute girls at the release party.

Amelia Enjoying A Chick-fil-A Milkshake.

Playing Before The Show.

Darcy And Her Daddy Enjoying The Show.

Look What A Good Sport Amelia Is!!

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Anonymous said...

Amelia was a good sport. When I took Darcy to the bathroom after the show she said, "I really like that music! They were really good. Mr. Luke did the best though, don't you think?" She said it like she was actually surprised by this.