Friday, January 25, 2008

The Graham's Go To Colorado

This past week Luke and I made a quick trip to Breckenridge, CO so that I could finish up some work at Blue Sky. Early flights, layovers, 7 degree weather and 13.5 hour work days made for a very busy and tiring trip. But Luke and I definitely made the best of the trip, and had a great time traveling together.

There was a ridiculous amount of snow on the ground, and it snowed constantly the first two days we were there.

I am so happy that Luke got to go Blue Sky with me, and see this project that I have worked so hard on for the past two years.

Arriving in Denver... 7 degrees!!

Our ride, covered with snow.

So Much SNOW!!!

Blue Sky

My husband... the most efficient man I know!

Oh little town of Breckenridge...

Hot Stuff!!

The Western Unit we stayed in.

Leaving Breckenridge at 2:45am!!!!


Brad Lee said...

(just keep repeating, "I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous...")

I'm sure that was a blast! What a great opportunity to see each others' strengths at work, literally.

Congratulations also on 4 years of marriage!

mama said...

Y'all look so cute in your snow gear! Heard you had a great time, enjoying the hot tub, where's the pics??

Elizabeth said...

Mom... that "hot tub" comment sounds SO inappropriate!

April... I'm still amazed that you pulled this one off and am cracking up that Luke delivered all the "finishing touches" to all the units! You guys are a great team!