Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guitar Camp

While we were in North Carolina Luke and Chris taught a "guitar camp" for several of Chris' guitar students. During the camp Luke showed them a riff, did a little recording (thanks to garage band), and talked to them about life on the road. The first night of the camp Ashleigh and I left for about 30 minutes and when we returned they were asking LG questions about the road and who he had played with. I think they were more interested in road/rockstar life than they were in learning about guitar :)

Luke and Evan

Luke and Cadence (how sweet is that!!)

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mama said...

Grammie's baby is soooo sweet. She looks like she adores Uncle Luke. How blessed we are to have a real rock star in our family! God will bless his efforts for taking the time to influence kids!

Elizabeth said...

The "Luke-and-Cadence-looking-at-their-guitars" picture is one of my favorites ever! Can you send it to me through picasa? Thanks!