Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Little Aly has a definite LOVE for all of our dogs and follows them around screaming "Doggies, Doggies". When we arrived last Wednesday night in Vero Aly began to say "Wage" instead of "Doggie" as she followed our Rage around the house. We were pleasantly surprised with the way Rage treated his little cousin Aly, despite the fact that she loved to pull on his long legs and pet him pretty aggressively. I think the reason Rage tolerated all of this was because Aly was a great source of food/treats for both Rage and Slinky. One day Aly was eating her afternoon snack of goldfish on the couch, and Noelle and I looked over to find the following scene taking place.

A little "Agressive Petting"

Choke Hold

They don't bite hard.

"No No Wage"

One for Aly, One for Slinky, One for Rage...

Trying to get a little closer to the goldfish.

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