Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rockies Are Calling, Denver Snow Falling...

On Thursday afternoon the CID design team arrived in Breckendridge, CO to style the 40 Blue Sky Units and the Common Areas. 16 suitcases later, leaving an item on the plane and having to flag the plane down to get it back, and 1 hour at the Hertz counter trying to upgrade our cars... Ryann, Amber, and I finally made it into the car and on our way from Denver to Breck.
Amber and I ... we made it!
Friday morning the snow started to fall. Ryann and I had to make a run to True Value Hardware to get an electric staple gun.. kinda scary... and on the way back to the jobsite we stopped on the side of the road to play in the snow. Check out that adorable winter outfit... white puffy jacket with fur, black scarf, and black houndstooth snow boots with my jeans tucked into them... now that is adorable! I could get used to this cold weather if I could dress like that all the time :)
That's all for now... I will try and keep an update of each days happenings... tata for now!!