Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snowing on Snowflake Drive

This morning Chris and I decided to get up at 6:30 to go for a walk before we started working. That's right people... even though I am away, I am still trying to maintain my healthy eating and exercise regime. So 6:30am we started out. No one was out put Chris and I and the snow plow guy.
Here is a shot of Blue Sky... it is pretty stunning... especially with snow covering everything and the Christmas lights on.

Although this little walk started as a way to get fresh air and a little exercise it turned into something so much more. Fresh snow had fallen throughout the night, so it was like we were stepping into a land that no one had ever stepped on. It was surreal to see a pure white road ahead of you and look behind and the only thing you saw were your footprints. Fresh snow is a remarkable thing. It is so clean and pure... it hides all the dirt and imperfections of the land and makes everything look beautiful. I walked along snowflake drive and marveled in the wonder of God's love... his forgiveness. He doesn't just cover up our sin and imperfections like snow covers the ground, he washes them clean. He makes us white as snow.

After our walk I persuaded Chris to make snow angels with me in this field in front of Blue Sky. Making my first snow angel was loads of fun... but I understand why children do this and not adults. It is COLD!!

The snow wasn't deep enough at my feet, so it kind of turned out like a snow/mud angel... oh well, it was fun.


elizabeth said...

Snow angels are the best... but were you wearing the right kind of clothes? Perhaps that's why you were cold!

Your thoughts on snow and how it reminds you of God mirror my own. I so remember thinking and feeling the same as the snow fell in Ohio last year.

chrisa4357 said...

I love your snow angel. However, do you think it's very smart to be laying in snow?!?!? I'll put on my mom hat and say that if you got sick while you're in the middle of that big work project, that wouldn't help anyone would it? You better be keeping your feet and head covered and dry :)

Luke & April said...

Ashe, thanks for the advice, but it is a little to late... I have a sore throat!! Oh well, hopefully I will get over it now that I am back in sunny Florida.