Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pure Panic

No pics will accompany this post... as we were in way to big of a PANIC on Friday to take any pictures. Let me start at the beginning. All Blue Sky units are individually owned. This past week owners began closing on units even though the design team had not yet finished the units. We were told that no owners or renters would be arriving until after December 5th, when we were scheduled to have all the units completed. However, on Friday we were informed that 4 owners were going to be checking in that night. When we questioned this we were told that once an owner has closed on a unit they are free to come and go as the please... they own it. Makes sense right... but the downside was that these four units were not ready for owners. Artwork was not hung, beds weren't made properly (that's were that electric staple gun in the previous post comes into play) and accessories were not placed. This called for a serious all hands on deck. Everyone was helping out... taking out trash, making beds, folding toilet paper into little triangles (yes... i did that) all for the sake of a wonderful first impression. Well we did it... we got them completed... 2 four bedroom units, and 2 two bedroom units were styled to the nine just in time for the owners arrival.

But as you can't see... we didn't take any pictures. Nothing to show for that day of hard physical labor. We have met some of the owners who have already checked in, and they all are extremely happy with their units. That is what it's all about... Right ?!?!?

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