Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tonight was the final night of my cake decorating class and we
decorated sugar cookies!! They are definitely a lot of work :) But
they turned out pretty cute.

I have loved this class! So much fun! Such great girls! It was awesome!


The Lourceys said...

Cute! Now I want you to come with Mom and Dad to Jane's party and make the flower ones for the decor/favors. K?

Elizabeth said...

I love that you made an orange and blue heart. :) Though my favorite is the flower one.

Your chubby legs picture made me smile.

As for your sweat shop, what are you preparing for? Do you have another show? Are you still selling stuff on Etsy?

mama said...

Awesome! Now you need to teach me!

Elizabeth said...

April?!? Your blog misses you... and I do too!!! and you never answered my questions. ;)