Friday, August 27, 2010

Babies, Babies, Everywhere...

So most of you know that within our church... within our circle of friends... within our staff :) there are a plethora of pregnant mommies!!! New mommies who are all carrying precious little BOYS!!! There are seriously 5 little staff baby boys who will be born in the next 4 months, and I have had the privilege of helping out with several of the baby showers.

The first shower that occurred was for our good friends, and neighbors, Jordan and Kristin. Jordan is the Worship Pastor at Bayside and Kristin is the Creative Coordinator. They will be welcoming baby Cohen into the world next Tuesday, and you had better believe that Luke and I will be there to welcome him too!

The shower was amazing!! Amazing food, Amazing friends, and a pretty Amazing Mommy to Be!

A smash cake for Daddy... he's a big time hunter :)

AMAZING cake, made by Becky Strite (she taught our cake decorating small group).

Dessert table! The onesie cookies where individually wrapped and given as the "take home".

Candy Bar!!

I LOVE to plan a good party!! Especially when I get to plan one for such amazing friends!

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mama said...

Awesome, guess it pays to be picky cause everything looked perfect! It doesn't hurt to stand corrected on how to roll the silverware! Grannie Turner would be soooo proud! You are a party planner just like her.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! What a cool candy bar... and great pictures. So fun!