Saturday, October 11, 2008

1st Since October Baby

Here he is...
Brady James Johnson!!!
He was born at 5:49pm on Saturday 10/11/2008. He weighed 8lbs 13 oz, and we have not yet gotten his final length. The entire Since October family was there to welcome little Brady into the world. He is super cute, with the most precious little round face, beautiful olive color, and a delayed cry (the kind were is mouth is wide open for about 5 seconds before any sound comes out :)
I definitely think he looks like Ashley in this picture.

He is crying here but he still looks SOOO PRECIOUS!!

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The Whaleys said...

He is so beautiful! Josh seemed very excited with all the text messages he was sending!

The Lourceys said...

So sweet! He looks exactly like Ashley!

Elizabeth said...

Ditto Mimi.