Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Graham!

This past weekend we celebrated our nephew Graham's 1st birthday with our family in Vero Beach. Graham is all boy and LOVES to wrestle!! He also has the best little smile!

Big Sister Aly helped him blow out the candle.
Look at those Big, Precious Blue Eyes!! Everyone in Luke's family says Graham looks like Luke did at that age. Luke's Grandparents (Poppa and Gramma Great) even accidently call Graham "Luke" a lot of the time. Hopefully my little boy will be this cute!
Big Sister Aly! She wore this outfit in honor of Aunt April (her mommy doesn't really like it :)

Graham was totally not interested in opening presents. He just wanted to roll around on the ground and play with the paper. Good thing he has an older sister who was more than happy to open all of his gifts for him!

Playing with his new toy from May-May.

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Elizabeth said...

What a cutie! I can't believe how blonde his hair is because Aly's is darker. The cupcake cake is such a fun idea. And yes, I would have totally guessed that Aunt April would have picked out Aly's clothes!

The Lourceys said...

Couple of things- 1. You're amazing at updating your blog. You want to do mine? 2. How can Noelle not like that outfit? 3. That cupcake thing is a GREAT idea.

Patricia said...

These kids are adorable! I loved the party theme, right up my alley and great for a little boy! Too cute!