Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Pig, Little Pig let me in!!

This morning I opened the blinds and who did I find... the slimy monster. I guess he has experienced the outside world and he has decided that he would rather reside in The Graham House. It totally looks like he is hanging onto the screen saying "Let me in!!!" I still despise him and there is no way I will reside in the same house with this guy. I think I need to take Ashleigh's advice and give up the house to snakes and frogs and move on to higher ground :)

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Melody said...

hey April,

Frogs, birds what are you girls not afraid of? :) I somehow grew out of some of my fears (remember the canoe trip) i'm so glad you didn't disown me, i would have. If you talk to your sisters tell them I said hello, I miss you guys terribly sometimes and I feel bad that I don't keep in better touch. I still want to come see you, mid-winter sounds good when it's below zero. love, mel