Saturday, September 27, 2008

My New Hobby

Last weekend while we were in Vero, my Mother-in-Law and I did A LOT of sewing. She altered my clothes that no longer fit me, and I learned how to make a baby bath towel!! The number 1 complaint of all my pregnant friends is that baby bath towels are not cute, and if they are they are Expensive!! So I decided to make my own cute, modern, baby bath towels.

I also learned how to make a headband that you can change the hairbows out on.
Towel #1. I actually gave this one to Ashley because it matches Brady's nursery perfectly!
Towel #2
So if you are expecting a baby in the near future rest assured you will probably be getting a bath towel or a heaband from me!

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chrisa4357 said...

Those are super cute. What a great (and helpful) new hobby!!

anna & geoffrey said...

April! My sewing classes start Thursday :) Wish we could learn together!! Super cute projects!

relying on God said...

sounds like fun! I've been busy with baby quilts a lot lately. Thanks for the pictures of your projects. Hope all else is well!

The Agarwals said...

How fun! The minute we found out we were having Eden my gran and mom started whipping out those headbands and bows! They are so much fun and so cute!! Love the towels too! Geesh, I need to learn how to sew!