Friday, September 5, 2008

"There's a FROG in my throat... I mean house"

Did you know I am terrified of frogs?? No, I didn't either. That is until I came face to face with one last Thursday morning. I woke up last Thursday morning at 5:56am and headed into the bathroom (without glasses on or contacts in). As I opened the sliding door to the water closet I heard a "splat" and saw something dark fall from above the sliding door onto the tile. I went back into my room to grab my glasses and came back to find that the dark blob was a FROG!!
I was terrified!! Somehow I managed to live 25 years on this planet without ever having a stand off with a frog! I had to think logically in this situation... it was 6:00am, my husband was gone, and I had to get this frog out of my house.
My first move was to get Rage out of the room. Thankfully my little guy was still in the bed asleep, so I picked him up, took him to the laundry room and locked him in the laundry room while I headed back to the bedroom to capture the frog. On my way back to the bedroom I grabbed some tupperware with a lid (thinking that I could get the frog into the tupperware and then take him outside). I also grabbed the "outside broom". For those of you who don't have a seperate outside and inside broom I will clarify that there is a difference, and getting frogs out of your house is NOT something you do with an "inside broom."
When I returned to my room I found the frog in the doorway from my bathroom to my bedroom. Then it hit me, this frog probably wanted to get back outside as bad as I wanted him to get back outside. So in all my wisdom I pushed all the draperies back and opened up both sets of triple sliding glass doors to give the frog wide open space to hop outside.
Unfortunately the frog did not get the memo. He hopped all around my bedroom, and with every 24" hop (no exaggeration) I would scream and bawl. Every time he hopped it would send me into hysterics. It was in that moment that I discovered that I HATE frogs!!!
During this ordeal a lot of thoughts went through my head one of which was "I am probably going to be somones mom within the next few years, and I have got to learn to deal with things like this... I have got to be able to get a frog out of my house."
Well 15 minutes later the frog was still in my house, I was hysterical, and so I did what any person would do... I called my 8 month pregnant best friend at 6:12 in the morning :)
Our conversation went something like this:
Ashley: Hello (very groggy)
April: Ashley, there's a frog in my house (bawling)
Ashley: Do you want me to come get him out?
April: YESSS (still bawling)

I'm telling you, I have the best Best Friend in the world!!! She came right over and caught that little slimy monster. And being the wonderful animal lover that she is, she was able to catch him (not kill him) and release him back into the wild.

I took the pictures below while I was waiting for Ashley to arrive. I had to take pictures to verify that this whole terrifying ordeal really happened.

Do you see that frog on my wall??

This picture shows my actaul proximity to the frog, as I was really on the porch when I took these pictures.

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The Lourceys said...

That is hilarious. I don't think I have a friend up here who likes me or animals, enough to do that. I would have done the same thing though. Luke had better thank Ashley for being your knight in shining armor while he is away.

chrisa4357 said...

April, seriously, you might need to move, snakes and frogs!!!! Maybe God is trying to tell you something. However, if you moved, you'd need to keep Ashley around because you need friends that will show up at your house that early to catch a frog.

I remember one time when I heard someone screaming in our house and Chris wasn't there. I called Dave and Tara and they both showed up with their guns to find the bad guy!! I'm telling you, middle of the night friends are a gift from God.

mama said...

Lucy, you are crazy!! Just a chip off the ole' block, i hate frogs too!! It reminds me of the days when your dad wasn't around and I would call Mr. Rich, (what a great neighbor he was), to our rescue in a moments flash, retrieving lizards from our bedrooms. I guess I have warped you all!

Brad Lee said...

Thanks for letting us into your sad, sad world. You did a great job telling the story, I felt like I was there. But April... those aren't the kind of animals you're s'posed to be afraid of!!! Lizards, frogs, birds - they're all good, friendly creatures. Oh, well. At least you have a great friend like Ashley. She deserves all the praise she's getting on this blog!