Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busted Face!!

This is definitely not the type of phone call that you want to recieve at 10:30pm...

Luke: April, I busted my face open.

April: What??

Luke: I busted my face open during the show.

April: On what?

Luke: My guitar.

As the picture shows it is technically his eyebrow that he busted open, not his face, but either way that is going to be a nasty black eye!! So much for my grand idea to try and take our Christmas picture while we are in North Carolina for Thanksgiving.
Busted eye or not he is one Super Cute Guy!!
*Please pray that this does not scar!! Luke definitely does not need another scare on this face.

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chrisa4357 said...

That is so cool!! Thanks for the pictures. I'm so going to show this to Evan tomorrow. He will think it's the coolest thing ever!!

mama said...

He needs to be kinder to himself!! He too pretty to be scaring up his face!

The Lourceys said...

Sick! That doesn't even look real.

relying on God said...

scars make for the best stories sometimes! and a scar is not 'forever'.