Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miracles Among Us

I must say I have been humbled over the past few days as we have experienced a miracle in our lives. Tuesday I went with Ashley to All Children's to have a CT scan done on Brady's little head. We recieved some wonderful news on Wednesday, and the email below from Ashley on Wednesday night! Once again, I will let Ashley explain it to you in her own words...

A heartfelt thank you to all of you praying for us! Our prayers were answered! Brady's CT scan showed that all of the bones of his skull are normal, and his brain is also normal. There are NO signs that he has any premature fusion of the skull bones! I looked at the first xrays myself today and you truly cannot see the lines that you are supposed to see... but on the 3D CT scan they are all visible. The CT gives a much clearer picture... my boss and the radiologist thought the xray films were poor quality. Whatever the case, it's a miracle to us! God's plan for this was not as complicated as we were preparing ourselves for, but it truly made us see how powerful He is, and how He can give us absolute peace when we are facing something that seems so awful. The bump on the back left side of Brady's skull is caused by some flattening of the skull that they saw on the back right side.. but that is just a cosmetic concern, and generally "shapes up" as he grows and spends less time laying down.
We give thanks to God for taking care of our precious baby, and ask that you send up one more prayer of thanks as well! Thanks again for the love, encouragement and prayers!

Praise Jesus!!! "Poor Quality" Xrays or not... we all know that this was a Miracle!!

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