Monday, November 17, 2008

Please pray...

Many of you know our wonderful friends Josh and Ashley. Josh is the bass player in Since October and he and Ashley are literally some of our best friends. They had a precious baby boy, Brady James, 5 weeks ago and he is Incredible!!!

They are dealing with a health scare right now with Brady and I am asking everyone to pray for them during this time. Our God is WAY bigger than any medical issues and this definitely did not catch Him by surprise. I have attached an email that Ashley sent out this afternoon... I figured she could explain it better than me.

I found a bony lump on the back of Brady's head a few weeks ago and since I work in pediatric neurology, I had my boss take a look at it. He wasn't too concerned at first, but said "let's watch it." On a social visit back to my office last week, he felt Brady's head again and noted that it was still there... He asked me to have it xrayed to rule out a condition called craniosynostosis, which is a premature fusion of the bones of an infant's skull. A baby's skull bones shouldn't fuse until he is 1-2 years old. The skull bones are not fully fused to allow the brain room to grow and therefore the skull to expand to hold the larger brain. Premature fusion of the bones can restrict the brain's growth and development, or cause an increase in the fluid pressure around the brain. Anyway, they could not visualize the suture lines (like how you are able to see the lines in a put-together puzzle) on his xray, so my doctor recommended a 3-dimensional CT scan of the skull to further assess it. This will show a much better view of the suture lines and if they are fused or not. We are having the CT scan done at All Children's Hospital in the next day or two. If the scan confirms that the skull bones are starting to (or have) fused... Brady will need surgery on his skull to separate the bones again. My doctor assures me that this is a "bone" problem and not a "brain" problem because Brady has no other signs of any genetic problems or deformities. Josh and I are terrified that our tiny baby may need surgery and ask that you all please pray for him. On a side note... I have been at this job for 9 months now, and it is much harder and more complex than working in general pediatrics.. there are days when I am completely stressed out and wonder why I changed jobs... I now see that God put me in this place so that I would have the knowledge to recognize that there was a problem. We are doing our best to remember that God is in control of the situation, no matter what it is... He made this child and He has a plan for him and for us. Please keep us and Brady in your prayers and we will keep you updated as we find out more information. Right now, Brady is doing just fine... He is growing and eating and starting to smile at me!-- The Johnson Family,Josh, Ashley, and Brady

I will keep everyone posted as we learn more. Please for now just pray, pray, pray for this family. Pray that God heals him and that surgery is not necessary and Pray for peace for Josh and Ashley (SO is still out on the road until Saturday, so they are seperated right now).

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing. We'll definitely be praying... keep us posted on what they find out.