Thursday, January 29, 2009

5 years later...

And it still FITS!!!! It actually fits a little better than it did on January 17, 2004!!

*Please, please, please don't take this as a prideful post. I know the only 4 people who read my blog are my mom and sisters and I knew they would appreciate this picture :)

**Also, 3 posts in 1 day!! What's up with that?!?! Don't expect this to EVER happen again :)

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Summer of 2009!!

That's right friends... on a trip to Tampa today we checked on the progress of the new IKEA and we found out that it will be completed early Summer of 2009!! Luke and I are stoked!! We are going to have to put a new line item into our monthly budget called "IKEA purchases"!!

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Guess who's Birthday it is??

Well it was actually 2 days ago, but our little Rage is now 4 years old!!! It's hard to believe it has been 4 years since we picked that time 1lb puppy out of the kiddie pool at our breeders in Mulberry! Time flies when you are having Fun, and man have we had Fun with Rage over the past 4 years!! Rage has truly been a Godsend, as he has been my little companion while Luke has been on the road. We love our precious puppy (or Momma's Dog Dog, or Rae Rae, or Rage E Roo, or Grandmama's Puppy as he is often called!!)
Happy 4th Birthday RAGE!!!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hunsader Farms

This morning Tyson and I met Lizzy and Finley at Hunsader Farms. We had a blast petting the animals, playing on the playround, and exploring the Vegetable/Fruit Market.

Tyson loved all of the animals. He would walk up to each one of them, wave, and say "Hi". It was precious!

A Big Pig

Finley looking at the Bunnies.

Llama :)

The Devil Bird Returns!!! Lizzy informed me that these are Emus.

Tyson petting the donkey.

Although Tyson liked everything at Hunsaders, he had a certain fascination with the Hand Sanitizer dispenser that was at his level. I must say I was very grateful for the fact that he wanted to clean his hands after touching these animals :)

Playing in the sand box. Tyson and Finley made two new friends at Hunsaders. These two boys were twins and they were the exact same age as Finley (Tyson is 2 months older than all of them).

Tyson enjoyed sitting in this big truck :) He has one almost exactly like it at home.

Look what a Big Boy he is!! He is becoming super good at navigating playground equipment.

1-2-3- WEEEE!!!

Tyson ended up with a squeeky swing, and he kept looking up to see what the noise was :)

Finley found the tire swing!
But quickly decided this wasn't the ride for her :)

A wagon ride with "the twins" suited her better!

While browsing through the fruit stand we met this little black kitty! He was super cute!!

What a great morning we had with friends, enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Florida weather!!

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Poppa's 75th Birthday

Last Saturday was Poppa's 75th Birthday!! All of the Family (that lives in Florida) went to the Colombia in St. Pete to celebrate. My poppa is one of the people who has had the greatest impact on my life. As a little girl (and still as an adult :) I spent a lot of time staying with my Gran and Pop. Poppa has imparted a ton of wisdom to me over the past 25 years of my life, and I am always hungry for more. He has shown me through example what it means to follow Christ on a daily basis. He has given our family a legacy of faith, and for that I will be forever grateful!!
Opening Gifts.
I love the looks on both Gran and Pop's faces :) So happy!
Gran and Pop.
I love these guys SOOO much!!

Rylee helping Gran with her Girl Scout cookie order :)

He was such a good boy.
Blowing out the candle on his Birthday Flan!!
Happy Birthday Pop!! I Love You!!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

You know you are an adult when...

You have 4 chairs at your dining table!!!

As many of you know Luke and I have been living with 2 dining chairs for about 2 years. We have put off buying 2 more chairs due to the cost, and the fact that we really didn't need 2 more right now, since their are only 2 people in our family.

Last week I was flipping through the latest West Elm catalog and I realized that my dining chairs were not in there. I quickly got on the phone with West Elm and they informed me that they had been discontinued... WHAT!! I was panicked! What was I going to do with just 2 dining chairs? We could not even have one other couple over for dinner without having to pull out the piano bench.

I asked the WE girl if any of the stores had any. We were going to Orlando, so I thought I might be able to pick up 2 chairs there. Unfortunately the Orlando store only had 1 :( But a store in NJ had 2!! So I quickly got on the phone to see if they were still available if they could ship them to me.

The NJ store still had 2 and I was stoked!! To make things even better the chairs were on sale... 50% off!!! I was scared that shipping was going to be outrageous, but when she rang them up she informed me that we got another $20 because we bought 2!! That basically off set the cost of the shipping! Needless to say I was stoked when they arrived on our doorstep yesterday!

Now we are ready for a dinner party!! After 1/31 of course :)

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5th Anniversary

Saturday Luke and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Sunday after church we headed to Orlando (were we honeymooned) to spend a few days together. It was a WONDERFULLY relaxing time!!! It was nice to get away for a few days and spend some time focusing on each other.

On Monday (1/19/09) we went to Epcot. Soon after we got there we realized that exactly 5 years ago on 1/19/04 we had gone to Epcot and purchased our seasons passes!!

It was a great day to be at Disney! Unlike our visit back in December it was not crowded, and we literally walked onto every ride.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

Luke took this awesome picture of the fireworks.
The pictures below are from the inside of the building that "The Land" and "Soarin" are in at Epcot. They have fabric and hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling. Luke and I both loved it and thought it would be great idea for a nursery! We spent a good amount of time figuring out how we could recreate this in a babies room. Who knows? Maybe some day soon you will be seeing this in a Graham nursery near you :)

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Last Sunday we headed to Disney with Luke's family for 15 hours of Disney Fun. Although it was super crowded and difficult to navigate 9 adults, and 3 babies (all in strollers) around Magic Kingdom we had a blast! It was Savannah, Alyson, and Graham's first trip to Disney, and we all enjoyed their reactions to the rides and characters. I must admit that Aly's reaction to seeing the castle and Mickey for the first time brought May-May and Aunt April to tears :)

(You can click on the collage to enlarge it.)

Jeff made a video of our day. You can view it here...

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