Thursday, August 7, 2008


I know this post is almost a month late, but I have a good exscuse for not being able to post until now. While at the Lazy 5 we took 258 pictures!! 258 pictures of 1 hour, at 1 place!! So the reason this post has taken so long to put together is because I had to weed through 258 pictures and find a few that accurately captured our time at The Lazy 5. The Lazy 5 is seriously one of the coolest places I have EVER been in my entire life!! (check it out at It is a 3.5 mile safari that you can drive through in your car or on a horse drawn wagon. There are approximately 750 animals and they all come up to your car window were you feed them buckets of animal feed. It is AWESOME!! You can touch them, you can see them up close, it is seriously one of the coolest things I have ever done!
Our Super Cute Girl (yes mom, she is tasting the animal feed)
The Bourdies are Coming!!
I'm sorry but this has got to be some form of a DEMON... look at those eyes!

Look at him!! He is in our car!! Look at that beak!! He could peck your eye out!
How cool is this?!?!? He is eating out of my hand!

Did I mention that they sometimes jump up on your car??? Yeah, they do that... good thing Ash & Chris have since sold this car... i'm sure the new owners don't mind the scratches on the door :)
Look at those eyes! They are little slits! Why?
Can you see that they are literally in our car!?!? How cool is that?!?!
Oh No... look at this beast!
A Big Tongue, for an equally Big Animal.
What is this guy??? Does anyone know?? Is he a horse? Is he a cow? Or a mixture there of??
Look at this cow... he has not teeth!! Just gums... like an old man :)

A white demon!! Why did God create these things?!?

Ashleigh closed the window on this guy... HAHAHA Look at this character... Luke said he looked like a creature from Tatooine!!
Look at those EARS!!!
We all really liked the zebra's, but they told us not to feed them out of our hands. They said to only let them eat out of the bucket... I guess they are prone to biting...

Right after I took this picture this guy tried to take Luke's arm off!! I fully believe he could have... look at those horns!

The main reason I wanted to go The Lazy 5 was so I could touch a giraffe. When we got up to the giraffe area they had them in an enclosed area with a really tall fence. I was dying to touch one so I climbed out of the sunroof of Ashleigh's Mountaineer, onto the roof of the SUV so I could reach this super tall guy!!
I succeeded!! My trip was complete!! I touched a giraffe!!

Here is a collage of some of my other favorite pictures!!

All the laughing and screaming wore her out!!
Check out Chris & Ashleigh's blog for a ridiculously cute video of Cadence retelling the story of our trip!! (

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The Agarwals said...

That is the craziest thing I have ever seen!! Do you remember how terrified I was of your dogs growing up? This place would creep me out! I would so drive through with the windows up! ha! Oh, how I bet my kids would love it though! I'll have to keep this place in mind for a vacation one year!

Kristen said...

April, what a great post! I will have to go there one day - is it in North Carolina? Also, as a large animal vet, I feel the need to respond to a few of your questions... ;)

The bovid's (cow's) eyes look like slits because that's the way the pupils are situated. Just as a cat's pupils are slits situated up and down (ever noticed?), most ruminants (those with four-chambered stomachs) have horizontal slits. Why? Because that's how God made 'em!

Ruminants also do not have front teeth on their upper gums - they only need front teeth for biting off grass, which they can do quite well with just their bottom teeth and their 'dental pad'. So it will be the same with any cows, sheep, goats, or crosses of such that you see. They all have back molars on top and bottom for chewing. As for the long tongue, it's also a BIG tongue - in fact, three times the size of their brain! You can imagine that God made these beasts for one reason - eating!

The guy whose identity you didn't know looks like some form of ruminant - probably closer to a cow than a deer and not a horse (notice the moist muzzle/nose? Horses have dry ones.). Past that, I don't know, but I can ask around!

Thanks for posting such a neat experience and giving me the opportunity to brag on some of God's greatest creatures - it's not everyday a bovine vet can do so on the web! ;)