Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthday at the Beach

While we were at the beach last week we celebrated Cadence's 2nd birthday a few days early. We had an Elmo Beach Party (two of her favorite things!!)
The Paparazzi singing Happy Birthday (with camera's poised and ready of course :)
Look at that Super Cute Elmo Cake... and it was an Ice Cream Cake!!

Some of the party guests.The Callaway's (this picture of Kagan cracks me up!)
Tearing into gifts!!
Happy Birthday to our Super Cute Niece!!

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anna & geoffrey said...

April - I can't believe she's already 2!! I remember when she was just a baby. . .

I love the 2nd picture where she's touching the cake but thinking, "Is this really OK!"

Cute pics. Glad you had a great weekend!