Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ok, maybe there aren't really any snakes on a plane, but I feel like they are taking over our neighborhood. A few weeks ago mom and I were taking the dogs for a walk at dusk (we had wanted to walk as late as possible because it is so blasted hot around here.) Well as we were walking we say a black snake slither across our path (we were on the shell walking path). We decided to stick to the sidewalk and not 2 minutes later we came up on a very dark snake with a patterned print on this body. We were convinced that he was a rattlesnake so we turned around and headed the other direction.

Ever since that incident I have been terrified that I would run into another snake on my daily walks with Rage. I have kept my eyes on the ground as we walked watching for snakes.

A few nights ago Luke and I had run to Publix and were coming home at about dusk. As we were about to turn into our driveway we say a SNAKE in the middle of road, right in front of our house. Luke jumped out to investigate while I stayed in the car with the headlights shining on the snake. That little snake (he was only about 24" long) was a feisty guy and he struck a Luke!! He started to slither away into the grass when I remembered my camera and handed it to Luke. The pictures aren't very good, but at least you can see him.

Now I am definitely terrified of our snake infested neighborhood... yuck!! I HATE SNAKES!!!!

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The Lourceys said...

Oh my gosh! I would never leave my house. I don't even like to walk outside here because of toads...but at least they can't kill me. PS- One day when I was riding my bike in your neighborhood a long time ago a snake slithered across the path in front of me, it was one of those dirts paths that go behind the houses. It was a black snake. Maybe you should find a new neighborhood to walk in.

chrisa4357 said...

That is super gross. I think you should move.