Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet Marty!!

Two weeks ago my company (Chancey Interior Design) moved into our brand new "Leed Certified" building!! It is a gorgeous, white (of course), 4 story building in historic Ybor City. We are all getting used to our new spaces, and I am getting used to my new roommate...
Blog Friends meet Marty!!

In the entry of mine and the principals area sits this Zebra hide... did I mention he is 100% real!!
Remember this guy from the Lazy 5? Guess where these guys end up??
You guessed it... in high end design firms!!
I usually do not have issues with animal hides. We put cow hides into a lot of our projects, but cowhides don't have heads and tails still attached!!

If you are at all squeamish I apologize for the above two photos, but I had to show you how they stitch the ears down and the eyes shut... GROSS!!

This shows the proximity of Marty to my desk. For those of you who are wondering I named him Marty after the zebra in the movie Madagascar.

Unfortunately, not all of the other principals loved Marty as much as my boss did. They did not feel that an animal hide fit with the Leed/Green theme that we have going in our building. So needless to say, Marty is going back to the rug store next week.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the fabulous and crazy company I work for :)

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chrisa4357 said...

That is hysterical!! But I had Marty pictured in my mind with a skull so that his head bumped up. I don't know why, isn't that weird?!? I'm glad they took his bones out before he came to your office :)Thanks for posting those pics I've been looking for them every day!

mama said...

Yuck, I'm glad he is going back, I would hate to look at that everyday!