Thursday, August 21, 2008


I can not believe I am about to type this...

Luke and I have joined a Fantasy Football League!!

Shocking, I know. The most anti-spoirt family on the planet has joined one of the most ridiculous spoirt games every created.

I must admit we did it because of Peer Pressure. The Since October boys decided it would be fun to have a Fantasy Football League of all the SO boys and SO wives. So, to not be left out, LG and I joined "Rocktober Sports". LG was more into it than I (obviously!!) and has made the best out of this experience by creating our two teams, complete with Custom Logos. We Graham's can't do anything half way :)

Luke's Team is "The Parrish Face Kickers"

April's Team is "The Celebrity Baby Stalkers"

Our automatic draft is tomorrow morning and for the first games Luke is playing Jeff's team (our Brother-in-Law... he joined the league because we had to have 8 people). And I am playing Ashley's team. We promise to keep you all up to date on our exciting new "Spoirt" adventure!!

Disclaimer: We, the Grahams, still hate "Spoirts"... except for swimming, diving, and gymnastics... we have been watching A LOT of Olympics :)

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Elizabeth said...

Seriously. You guys are nuts! And Luke's team has a much cooler name and logo than yours... but you probably already knew that. :)

Luke & April said...

He named my team and created the logo, so i take no responsibility for my team. My idea for a team name was "The Spoirts Haters" with a big X over the word sports as the logo.

Brad Lee said...

(snickering quietly...)

chrisa4357 said...

I can't even believe you guys. Ya'll are crazy!! Do you even know anything about football?!? I would just pick by the outfits :) I happen to love your name. If I was on a Fantasy Football League, I'd have to be on your team.

The Lourceys said...

I think this hilarious! I laughed out loud! Rob says you're lame for not doing a live draft...but I don't know what that means. I want to have a team so I can name it and have a logo! When Rob tries to get me to pick who will win, I choose by who has the coolest name, like you should pick Ben Roaskldfaengknadgburger to be on your team. He has a cool name.